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BD Kiestra required the removal and disposal of one of its 6tonne analsying machines from the Pathology Department at Lister Hospital in Stevenage, Hertfordshire. The machine had to be removed, transported, and the raw materials broken down before being recycled.


To avoid disruption to staff and patients, the job had to be completed within a tight deadline. Working on a live site comes with many challenges including access, parking, and health and safety. Three quarters of the pathology department were active and a safe route out of the lab met with a number of concerns. On-site parking was limited and the general public and staff had to be managed as heavy equipment was removed from the lab. Associated risks also included loading weight, lifting, clinical cleanliness, ramps and uneven floors.


Thanks to careful planning, previous site visits and risk assessment, the iWaste team were able to work seamlessly without causing disruption to hospital staff, and completed the job within the agreed two-day timeframe. iWaste were able to maintain best practices with a team of six and three vans, which transported the equipment to a nearby partner. The equipment was then broken down into raw materials which included aluminum, steel, cable, wood, plastic, copper, motors, rubber and foam, and recycled.


iWaste completed the decommissioning job within the two-day window required without causing disruption to the running of the hospital, staff or patients. The machine was safely removed from the building and transported away where it was broken down and 100% recycled, avoiding any components being sent to landfill.


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