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Trading Standards non UK Compliant Lighting


iWaste received a call from an import brokering agent requiring full destruction and recycling of non UK compliant imports. Trading Standards had seized a large amount of what turned out to be faulty electronic LED flood lights.


The task of recycling boxed electronics is a huge undertaking as its not just breaking down electronics. Other waste includes Glass, Paper, Cardboard, and foam packing. We were made aware that we had 12 tonnes of this equipment being delivered. 44 full sized pallets which held 44,000 smaller boxes which varied in shape, size and weight.


The iWaste team, having undertaken such tasks before were quickly able to develop a method of removing the LED lights from the packaging by hand. Segregation of the LED lights, cardboard, paper, plastic bags and foam packaging into stillages was made into a swift process via a production line.


Eight iWaste staff members over 3 and a half days managed to break down all of the boxes, decommission the electronics, and recycle 2.5 tonnes of cardboard and packaging. Certificates of destruction have now been issued to the client.

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